Mission & Philosophy

San Francisco Shotokan Karate Club is a member of the ISKF (International Shotokan Karate Federation). We are dedicated to the practice of true Karate-Do under the guiding principles of Master Gichin Funakoshi. Diligent practice of a traditional martial art develops one's mind, body, and spirit. Karate training consists of the proper execution of kicking, punching, blocking, and striking techniques to defend oneself. On the street, these techniques must be delivered with speed, power, accuracy, and commitment. In the classroom, these techniques also must be delivered with control to create a safe learning environment for everyone. We welcome all men and women, beginner to advanced, ages 12 and up.

Dojo is a Japanese word that means "Place of the way". The atmosphere of the Dojo must be serene, calm and in complete hush. Access to the Dojo is restricted to people who practice Shotokan karate. Onlookers and those who want to find friends are asked to wait outside to not disturb the karate class. You can attend the practice but are required to maintain a respectful hush.

In the Dojo be joyful and abandon wealth and reputation considerations, forget the prejudgments of race and gender. In addition, the ardor of the practice must join to one atmosphere of inner search. So, be sincere. And, if you become a member take part of our community, agree to the rules, follow the instructions, and respect the hierarchy of the degrees.

Three qualities are required:
A good karate education.
A great love for the practice of karate-do.
A great confidence in Sensei.