Dawn Flick
Dawn FlickSensei
Sensei Dawn Flick is a 7th degree black belt with 35 years Shotokan karate experience. She has been a karate instructor for over 25 years and has been a top kata and kumite competitor at the national and international levels. Sensei Dawn began her training in 1983 in Pennsylvania. For many years she trained under Master Teruyuki Okazaki, founder and chief instructor of the ISKF. She imparts to her students the training methods and philosophy of traditional karate-do as taught to her by Master Okazaki.
Camille Antinori
Camille AntinoriSenpai
Senpai Camille began karate training in 1983 with what she thought was a one-semester self-defense class in Philadelphia, taught by a senior black belt from the local ISKF headquarters. She continued in what has become a life-long commitment, training in London, with Sensei Simon Hastings at the London University Karate Club, where Master Enoeda was head instructor. Returning to the US, she joined the Washington DC Karate Club with Sensei John Deaton and later Jonathan Lipow and David Ernst. She earned her first black belt in the JKA with Sensei Kenichi Haromoto in 1992 and her ISKF black belt in 1995. She has trained with Sensei Dawn Flick at the San Francisco Karate Club since 1996 and is currently Godan level.
Mark D’Avignon
Mark D’AvignonSenpai
Mark D’Avignon is a 4th degree black belt (Yondan) in the ISKF. He began his karate training at age 16 in high school and joined the University of Massachusetts ISKF karate club in 1978. He was a member of the Washington D.C. ISKF karate club from 1983-1986. In 1987 he moved to SF and has been a member and instructor at several traditional ISKF and JKA Shotokan karate clubs in SF over the last 30 years. He has been a member of the SFSKC since 2013 and has over 40 years of Shotokan karate training experience.